Vote Meir for Mayor: This job has my name on it.

Vote for the youngest, most humble mayoral candidate.

Future Mayor Meir Straus in front of his future mayor house.

About Meir

Meir (pronounced MAYOR) Straus has had the job ever since his birth. Now 18 years, 1 month, and a few days later, Meir is ready to ascend to his rightful- announce his candidacy for mayor of Toronto. A former Rhino Party Prime Minister (of high school Politics Club), Meir has the vision that Toronto needs. After a double life of crime-fighting by night and saving child orphan sharks from being exploited in underwater shark-trafficking sweatshops by day, Meir looked upon his home city of Toronto -- a city in need of a leader that can rule with an iron fist -- I mean, with wisdom and guidance, and decided that he would be the perfect candidate. Despite what some may claim, Meir is definitely a real man and NOT three raccoons in a trench coat. As mayor, Meir aims to address issues such as housing, transportation, elections, city infrastructure, inflation, diversity, roads, hospitals, safety, crime, garbage, raccoons, weed-smell, roundabouts, organ-shortages, Canada geese, God, labour, street preachers, hipsters, uncomfortable benches, parkettes, speed bumps, and the inappropriate use of the word "muck."

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