My Qualifications

What makes Meir the most qualified candidate? Good question:

He's had this job his whole life

This job has my name on it!

He was formerly the Rhino Party Mime Prinister of Politics Club

Showing that my serious and sophisticated policies appeal to young people (most of whom can't vote in this election)

He's really good at Kahoot

On the podium every time.

Grandmas love him

Shoutout to my bubbe!

He's the youngest candidate

So he's unlikely to die in office.

He won't do hard drugs

The only crack I take is the crack in my matzah!

He's taller than the other candidates

So he can probably dunk on them.

He can play Wonderwall

Today is gonna be the day...

He's not married

So he can't have any affairs.

He can make scrambled eggs

And toast, too!

He will bring down the average age of City Hall

By about 50 years.

He's not ginger

But he still appreciates them.

He's the hottest candidate

Citation: BlogTO's Tiktok comments

He's on the Reach for the Top trivia team

Therefore he is smarter than all the other candidates