Meet the Team

My team is wholly unbiased because none of them are old enough to vote!

Talia Kirshblum

As the youngest member and token diversity of the Meir4Mayor campaign team, Talia Kirshblum is confident that Mayor Meir will fight for the youth and diverse people. A former grade 6 class representative, Talia is excited to take action against the problems facing the city, which she finds to be extremely problematic. She is commonly praised for her knee-jerk reactions, and is most definitely uninterested in staging a coup once she becomes old enough to run herself. 

Boaz Shron

Boaz Shron is a former Silly Party candidate in Harpenden Southeast and a Knight Who Says Ni. He previously ran campaigns for Kevin Phillips-Bong and a frisbee. Boaz joined Meir's team because he found it exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero. He enjoys deep-sea whittling and cross-country unicycling.

Meir the Rhino

Meir the Rhino is a rhino, and a former cabinet member in Meir's federal government (of high school politics club). Strong, resistant to attacks, and aggressive to others trying to move in on his territory, Meir the Rhino is a great asset to the #Meir4Mayor campaign.